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Over 100 players, girlfriends, parents, volunteers and guests came together to celebrate the second successful year of Ironsides Colts (combined U17 and U18 squad) at an inaugural graduation party that was both suitably formal and riotous as is befitting  of the club and age group! As well as celebrating the season, it was also the chance to wish the U18 players well as they head off to pastures new and graduate from Junior to Senior Rugby.

The evening included awards and thank yous for players, coaches, managers and volunteers; not only for the current season but also in one final summing up of the “heinous and shameful crimes” of prior seasons’ tours and a celebration of the shared memories of antics both on and off the pitch.  The evening provided one last chance for Rob Davis (U18’s Manager) to try and explain his infamous “monkey in the tree” backs move to both bemused players and baffled parents before formalities ended with a sterling rendition of the Club Song and a toast to “Ironsides Rugby Club!”    

Rob explains Monkey in a Tree

Special thank yous for a memorable night go out to, not only Alan and his team for a curry feast that helped soak up the shandys, but also to the army of volunteers who decorated the room, collated picture shows and organised gifts. The evening was a fantastic celebration of a very special group of young men who have grown up at the club and who hold a very special place in the hearts of all the adults who have worked with them along the way. Ironsides has been our Sunday routine for so long now, what on earth are we going to do on Sunday mornings next season?
Finally on behalf of the U18s “A BIG THANK YOU” to all of those at Battersea Ironsides, who have made belonging to our club such a positive and fun experience for our young men, giving them a rugby “FAMILY”!  We hope those who are staying local will move up to the senior section of the club and that those who are moving away to university will continue to play rugby and come back to their home club in the holidays.

The U17s look forward to welcoming and initiating the U16s into the Colts team in September….. 
Once an Ironsider, forever an Ironsider – 2, 3!




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